Thursday, 3 May 2012

Blackpool vs Blues; A Miserable Bastard's View

So here we are, eight months on, 60 games later and we are at the gates. In fact, we’re banging on the gates, we’re trying to break them down and storm back into the top-flight.

Let’s make no mistakes; it’s been a wonderful season; an incredible European tour, taking two Premier League (well, one now) teams to a replay in the FA Cup and to top it all-off, a play-off place. We can definitely state that this season has been nothing short of a miracle from this squad of 25 and at its helm; our leader: Chris Hughton.

Miracle Man: Chris Hughton at Blues' Award Dinner

However, tomorrow is judgement day for this squad, they face a very tough game at Blackpool. Yet Blues fans have taken a peculiar attitude to this game. Here’s the deal: we have not won the semi-final, we are not at Wembley yet, we do not play West Ham tomorrow.

What we have to acknowledge about tomorrow’s game is that we are playing a great side, they have massive attacking prowess, they have Super Kev, has everyone forgotten what he is capable of? It’s also at Bloomfield, their fans will back them all the way and I’m sure our farmer friend ‘Ollie’ will put fire in those player’s bellies, he will make sure they play to win. So do not expect Blues to storm in there and score four goals, they will make it tough for us, they will get in our faces and they will attack at the slightest opportunity.

Tomorrow, the Blues will have to be disciplined, they will have to hold the line, they will have to be alert for every second of those 90 minutes and we will have to hope that they can bring back a lead for us but we should not be expecting for us to win.

Re-match: Blackpool at St. Andrews earlier this season

You can say I’m being pessimistic, but I’m being realistic, we have to acknowledge other teams and remember, in this topsy-turvy game, anything can happen, but those of you who are lucky enough to be going, please roar the boys on with all your might and see if we can snatch a couple of goals.

For me, it’s a hard game, but definitely one we can win. As the anthem goes “It’s a long, long road, there’ll be joys and sorrows too.” Hopefully, tomorrow will be one of the Joys. Keep Right On.

Predicted Team: Doyle; Ramage, Ibanez, Davies, Murphy; Burke, Gomis, N’Daw, Townsend; Redmond; King.

Subs: Butland, Spector, Fahey, Elliott, Zigic

Key man: Nathan Redmond, should he start, will play a massive role, he had a great game against Reading, let’s hope he can bring that form to this match.

Skin him!: Tricky winger Nathan Redmond caused Reading all sorts of trouble

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